In The Spotlight
February 3, 2023

Carol Amadio

Like many people who become involved with Island Payers, Carol Amadio and her husband Anselm retired to the Island without any stage experience. Her previous professional vocations as a lawyer, a social worker, and an Episcopal priest left no time for stage drama. Previous IP managing director, Joyce Morehouse, unlocked her talents and got her on stage!
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How did you get involved in Island Players?

Through Joyce Morehouse.   She recruited both Anselm and me to be in ‘Salute to Broadway’.  Anselm had a good voice, we both could sing.   It was my first time on stage.  I liked it and ended up being in lots of plays.

So, never on stage before?

No.  In college I had taken a course about Shakespeare.  I managed to get a grant to go to the Stratford-On-Avon Shakespeare Festival in England.  I remember reading Shakespeare sitting by the water.  Anselm and I got married in Stratford.  I later found out that Joyce had also been to the Stratford festival.  But I had never acted on stage before.

Did you have favorite roles? Favorite plays?

‘The Mousetrap’ was one.  ‘Our Town’ was a favorite.  ‘Oliver’ was fun. ‘The Dining Room’, I got to play different roles, being a little kid.  In one play I was a high priestess.  In another one I was a police woman.  Joyce pulled a lot out of me that I never thought I could do.  She kept encouraging me, taught me a lot.

Future involvement in Island Players?

Well, probably not on a big stage.  Now I like coaching others, helping others who are learning to act, helping them learn lines, or dealing with anxiety about being on stage.   I took a director’s workshop held by Island Players, not because I want to direct, but just so I could understand the whole process better.  I did also do a lot of the Center Stage script-in-hand things; I liked doing those a lot.