January 21, 2023

Legends From The First Americans

Come join the circle for fun and refreshments and hear explanations, instructions and trickster tales. Directed by Grace and Tony Woodruff.

1:30 pm
Trinity Fellowship Hall
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EXPLANATIONS, INSTRUCTIONS, AND TRICKSTER TALES. Did you ever wonder where the wind comes from? Are you curious as to why possums have a bare-naked tail? Have you ever pondered why frogs’ eyes bulge out, or why it takes so much sap to get maple syrup? Has a tourist asked you, “What do turtles do in the winter?!” The answers all are in stories that have been told for thousands of years by the First Americans.

We have had our first snow, so now the stories can begin!  It’s “Legends from the First Americans: Explanation, Instruction, and Trickster Tales” from Island Players Family Theater for Everyone.  Join the circle in the longhouse at Trinity Lutheran Fellowship Hall, January 21st from 1:30 – 3:00.  Settle down for an afternoon of enlightening tales presented by some of the Island’s oldest and youngest storytellers.  Hear and see with your own eyes, stories that explain the oddities of nature, the hows and whys of weather, and how things came to be.  Meet the tricksters, Gluscabi, Kokopilau, and Coyote, and laugh and learn life lessons from their foolish mischief.  And then there’s The Rock, accomplice and antagonist for their crafty schemes. 

A thread of respect for elders, care for the earth, and sharing with others will weave throughout and clarify how the Indigenous Peoples maintained a healthy earth for thousands of years.  These stories are from the “Old Time”, before Europeans entered the stage and forever altered the course of this land.  Over time the stories have nearly died out with voices drowned by technology and another way of life.  Island Players respectfully shares a retelling of these worthy stories and hopes that you will join them.  After all, wintertime is the time for storytelling!